• Interview with Lana Norris, I CARE IF YOU LISTEN: 5 Questions to Ashley Windle
  • “Of Beethoven’s Op. 9 only the first and last trios have established anything approaching a foothold in the repertoire, so the fact that the Fair Trade Trio opened their recital on Friday with number two was especially gratifying. As was their playing. After the work’s graceful introduction, the first movement allegretto was lively but not driven, thus neatly avoiding the pitfall all too many ensembles fall into when playing early Beethoven. The balance and blend of the three instruments … was exemplary. The slow movement was simply gorgeous, with hints at the profundity which Beethoven would achieve later in his career. The minuet was puckish and lilting, and the rallentando from the trio back to the repeat was judged to perfection, before a finale which was charming but not lacking in energy.” – Reviewed by Deryk Barker, July 2015
  • “MuSE Quartet interpreted the Beethoven with an emphasis on flowing lyricism, taking its time through phrases and lingering in the right places. I was especially taken with violinist Ashley Windle’s leaning into and swelling of individual notes and melodic gestures.” – Reviewed by i care if you listen, November 2012